Injector removal service

We offer specialist diesel injector removal service for Renault Traffic, Vauxhall Vivaro & Nissan Primastar vans in London area within M25. Our specially trained technicians use state of the art tools to remove faulty seized diesel injectors on M9R engines that are known to develop seized injector condition in almost 90% of all vans that are 3 years and older. Our mobile vans are equipped with all tools and machinery that might be required for our technician to effectively complete job in a single call out.


Broken Injector removal

Broken diesel injector on Renault, Vauxhall and Nissan vans can be successfully removed by using specialist extraction tools specially designed to protect engine from:

· Foreign body entering combustion chamber

· Damage to cylinder head

· Damage to injector seat

In most of complicated cases we can remove injector by drilling out bit by bit and at the end you will have clean injector port with seating surface re cut and ready for new diesel injector installation.


Injector diagnostic

With huge list of OEM diagnostic tools we can scan your vehicles ECU not only for fault codes but also for vital “freeze frame” data. Vehicles developing faults with injectors like intermittent short circuit injector or short to ground circuit in most cases are capable to generate not only DTC ( Diagnostic Trouble Code) but also a log of selected live data – a “picture” of what ECU ( Engine Control Unit) noticed as abnormal during faulty operation. Our technicians are capable to correctly analyse this data which is the most important task before applicable required repair can be applied.


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We understan that majority of our clients are the garages who alredy tried to remove seized injector with standart or custom tools and that injectors will be in all kind condition (e.g damaged top tred or welded ).That's why we will ask you to provide as much information including images(if possible) of injector(s) condition to get more accurate quote.

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